Converting geojson to zipcodes using python

For one of the projects we got multipolygon geojson file, where we have multiple latitutes/longitudes for a single location. we need to extract those latitudes and logitudes and convert them to zipcodes. we used python for doing this. Geojson as the name suggests the geo locations are represented in the json format. These geo locations … Continue reading Converting geojson to zipcodes using python


named entity recognition (NER)usign python Regex

We have a problem in finding our own NER for our chatbot created for automobile entities. I tried Spacy but not successful. So, I thought of creating my own NER Using Regular Expressions in python. This model identifies Year, Zip, Vin and Model of the car. All of them are straight forward except finding the … Continue reading named entity recognition (NER)usign python Regex

Automatically creating SpAcy Training set

while I am using spacy, I had a difficulty for creating the training set. Initially I created manully for some of the entities, but later I got frustrated and wrote a program to create spacy training automatically. Prerequisites: Need python Dataset which have the conversations with entities. Entities which we need to be recognised In this … Continue reading Automatically creating SpAcy Training set